I"m BACKED ("\(>.<)/")

Hi guys! I'm BACKED!

Most of you might wonder what happened to Jason!!??? ( kidnapped by aliens? or Retired from blogging life?)

Answer is HELL NO!

Actually I'm on a diet and slimming program for the past few months. I always wanted to reduce my weight and get rid of my "BIG Tummy" . However, for people who likes food sooooo... much, it's kinda difficult or even impossible to control our diet.

After hesitating for so many years and finally i made the most cruel decision for myself. It's time to action! It's very difficult for me to describe how torturing it is for me to keep up my diet and slimming program. It's soooo....... tiring and exhausting.

My program is to Jog for 1 hour every morning and then follow up by sit-up, push-up and etc...
Then, afternoon i have to go for either cycling (mostly took around 2 hours) or swimming (30 laps).

For diet program, it's very simple....vege,vege,vege...........less carbohidrate and SAYONARA~~Fried Food....

My diet and slimming program just ended by 1st of JAN 2009 and i lost about 10kg in 2 months.For those who are thinking or planning for diet, just go ahead and NEVER GIVE UP. The most important point is NEVER EVER THINK THAT YOU JOGGED FOR A DAY AND HOPE TO SEE IMMEDIET RESULT.

I will update and add more blogs as soon as possible and thank you for your support. MUAKS~~