I"m BACKED ("\(>.<)/")

Hi guys! I'm BACKED!

Most of you might wonder what happened to Jason!!??? ( kidnapped by aliens? or Retired from blogging life?)

Answer is HELL NO!

Actually I'm on a diet and slimming program for the past few months. I always wanted to reduce my weight and get rid of my "BIG Tummy" . However, for people who likes food sooooo... much, it's kinda difficult or even impossible to control our diet.

After hesitating for so many years and finally i made the most cruel decision for myself. It's time to action! It's very difficult for me to describe how torturing it is for me to keep up my diet and slimming program. It's soooo....... tiring and exhausting.

My program is to Jog for 1 hour every morning and then follow up by sit-up, push-up and etc...
Then, afternoon i have to go for either cycling (mostly took around 2 hours) or swimming (30 laps).

For diet program, it's very simple....vege,vege,vege...........less carbohidrate and SAYONARA~~Fried Food....

My diet and slimming program just ended by 1st of JAN 2009 and i lost about 10kg in 2 months.For those who are thinking or planning for diet, just go ahead and NEVER GIVE UP. The most important point is NEVER EVER THINK THAT YOU JOGGED FOR A DAY AND HOPE TO SEE IMMEDIET RESULT.

I will update and add more blogs as soon as possible and thank you for your support. MUAKS~~

Blogger Hideout Latest Updates !

First of all, I would like to apologize for the late update. Too busy recently to update this blog. I beg your forgiveness >.<

Secondly, BLOGGER HIDEOUT FORUM IS READY TO BE LAUNCH! I hope that all of you like it ! Now not only blogger hideout's community members can share their blogs, all of us can express ourselves there! Hope you enjoy it haha.....Together let's make Blogger Hideout a better place! Hooray!

Visit Blogger Hideout Forum at http://bloggerhideout.freeforums.org/

Ivoiremoon - Make Money Online


"Make Money Online" Wow......sounds attempting...

Ivoiremoon's blog is about ways to monetize your blog. ( Even me is attracted to this topic...haha >.< money minded person) Well, it's not a bad idea to earn while blogging right? So, learn more tips here, maybe you're the next successfull blogger!

Well, Ivoiremoon, perhaps you can share more of your tips in our blogger's hideout forum (will be launched very soon ). I'm sure many of us here is excited to learn more about it.

Visit Ivoiremoon at http://ivoiremoon.blogspot.com/

Cherry Kisses


Harlooooo~~~~~ Cherry. Nice to meet you >.<

Another Cute looking blogger has joined Blogger Hideout! Woohoooo~~~ Cheers! Well, i'm so happy that you guys are sharing your blog here ( Too happy until i cried T.T ) Thousand times of thank you from me >.< Do enjoy your stay here Cherry!

Visit Cherry's blog at http://www.redcherrykisses.blogspot.com/

Dragon Slayer


Hello to our new member, nick name (Dragon Slayer)!

I believe our "Dragon Slayer" is a new blogger. Well, let give him a great round of applause! And give him our warmest welcome to Blogger's Hideout!

To: "dragon slayer, blogging would never be easy, especially for beginner. Keep up the good work there! I'll support you >.<

Visit Dragon Slayer's blog at http://www.dharw33n.blogspot.com/

Blogger Hideout Forum Is Coming!

Good news everyone! A brand new forum for bloggerhideout community is in developing progress. It will be launch in the near future!



Hi there Simon, Welcome to our super duper lovely, interesting, fun, happy........etc (all the good things) community!

For me Simon's blog consists of everything that surrounds him. Hmmmm...it includes a bit of politics, a bit of humour, movie reviews and etc. That's the way Simon express himself, writes the things that you want to express.

Read more about Simon's blog at http://emopipeguitarist.blogspot.com/